9 February 2020
Series: Grow
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Grow Part 4: What is worship?

This week we come to the last message in our Grow Series.

We’ve looked at the G which stands for “Grow Together”, the R which stands for “Revive”, the O which stands for “Ownership”, and now we come to the final letter in Grow, the W which stands for “What is Worship”?

How would you define worship?

Many people define worship as the few moments we gather on Sunday while singing songs.

Others define worship as the entire time spent at a church. (As in, “Let’s go to worship”.)

Would you be surprised to learn that neither of these fit the entirety of what worship actually is?

Join us on Sunday, February 2 as we look at this very important biblical principle, “What is Worship”?

I hope to see you then!