Our Pastor

Hello and Welcome to Morrison Chapel!


I am so glad you've stopped in to check out what we are all about.  I hope you've found that our website is easy to navigate.  First things first, we've listed our beliefs on the "Beliefs" menu and its going to take you through who we are and what we stand on.  Honestly, it will point you right back to God's word.  If you read through them and have any questions at all, please give me a call or send me an email, I'd love to chat with you.


I hope as you've navigated through our site, you've found our past messages.  Teaching the Bible is my biggest passion.  You'll find that my way of teaching is to break down the Bible by providing understanding and then life application.  We are all human, this is not about perfection, but a process to learn and understand more about our Heavenly Father. 


At Morrison you can expect to be greeted by a warm smile and a cup coffee upon arrival.  We want you to feel at home, so come just as you are...there is no dress code.  We believe that God is more concerned with the condition of our heart than the clothes we wear, so just be you. 


I also hope you found our small groups info.  This is the best way to get connected with other believers.  Life wasn't made to do alone.  We all need people to support, love, and hold us accountable.  Hope you'll think about connecting here!


So, just a little about me.  I was born and raised in East Tennesse, Go Vols!  I always felt God was calling me into ministry, but to be completely transparent, my life choices led me in a different direction.  I finally said "Yes" to God and His will for my life last year.  One door after another, led me here to Morrison.  A year later, I can tell you this is exaclty where I am supposed to be.  My prayer is that God will use me to shepherd his flock and lead others to Christ.  I am not only a pastor, but I am a husband and father.  My wife, Molly and I have been married 12 years and we have two children, Abby and Brody.  We truly believe that God has called us to be in ministry together as a family.   


So enough about me, our vision for Morrison Chapel is to be a place where all feel welcome no matter their past, no matter their hurts or hang ups.  We want to be a fellowship of people that grows disciples, so they are equipped to lead others to Christ. Although we are an established church with a long standing history in our community, we see ourselves as a church plant with so much opportunity.  I'd love to share more about our growth plan with you, so if you're interested drop me an email or call and lets have a cup of coffee.  We'd love to invite you and your family to join us in this journey.  


In Christ, 



(P) 423-797-8610

(E) pastor@morrisonchapelumc.org