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2019 Chapel Dr, Kingsport TN. | Sunday School 9:45 | Worship 11:00
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Sunday Services

Our Sunday school begins at 9:45 and our classes range from youth to senior adult. Childcare is available if needed and children are always welcome to accompany their parents during worship!

What We Believe

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to a life changing and lifelong faith in Jesus Christ

Jesus, as God revealed in human form demonstrated compassion and love to others and by doing so brought about a revolution that changed the world forever. He changed our minds about God by showing us the true character of our creator. Not content with leaving the world in sin, Jesus willingly gave up His life for us, so that we might live eternally with God. At Morrison Chapel we strive to continue His example of compassion and love to others and to earnestly study the scriptures so that the life contained within them is imparted into us through the Holy Spirit.  

What does it mean to be saved?